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How we’re playing, you can do it too! Part 1

Hello again everyone!

Its your friendly, neighborhood dungeon master here! Today I will be discussing how we are playing our Pathfinder campaign in more detail in hopes that it may help you guys run your own games with a higher rate of success.
From my own experiences, I find that there are a plethora of difficulties that arise whenever you try to host a game online. In fact, it was difficult for me to get everything prepared for our podcast (I will get into that some other time). For now, I will try to split things up into a nice neat guide.

Step 1: Campaign Prep

To begin with, most people who are planning on running a campaign usually have some ideas in mind for what kind of world or story they want their players to interact with. I find this to be vital...

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Season 1 Episode 1 Journal: …Let… Me… In!!

I don’t really know whats going on.
Mother doesn’t really tell us very much.
She says we’re too young. I hate it when she treats me like a kid like that.

Everything was burning.

It was pretty sudden and it wasn’t just our house either. It had spread from our neighbor, Micah’s house too but it probably didn’t start there. Mother dragged us outside and told us to run towards the old tavern in the center of town and as we ran, I saw a lot of people coughing and falling over even in the middle of the road.
Mother told us not to touch those people and to just keep going.

I saw Micah, our neighbor on the way.

He didn’t make it.

There was a lot of people in the tavern. So many that we couldn’t even find a seat...

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