Season 1 Episode 1 Journal: …Let… Me… In!!

I don’t really know whats going on.
Mother doesn’t really tell us very much.
She says we’re too young. I hate it when she treats me like a kid like that.

Everything was burning.

It was pretty sudden and it wasn’t just our house either. It had spread from our neighbor, Micah’s house too but it probably didn’t start there. Mother dragged us outside and told us to run towards the old tavern in the center of town and as we ran, I saw a lot of people coughing and falling over even in the middle of the road.
Mother told us not to touch those people and to just keep going.

I saw Micah, our neighbor on the way.

He didn’t make it.

There was a lot of people in the tavern. So many that we couldn’t even find a seat. Some nice man gave his seat to mother, but some other man took that seat away again later to fix the broken door that some fat man broke. He had come rushing in and he was mumbling and crying saying that we were all sick and doomed. He ran away into the corner of the room and some guy in armor chased after him talking about some kind of stuff about gods and sin? Mother told us that he was part of the crazy people to so to just ignore him.

Anyway, the man took our chair and closed the door with it. But then something was at the door. It was scratching..



It wanted to come in.

It was so scary and my sister started crying but I stayed strong. I don’t cry because I have to protect her.

At least that was what I was thinking before the door broke down and something stepped inside.

I dont remember what happened after that…

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