Into the Depths of Insanity: A Pathfinder Campaign Podcast

Welcome to you, readers & listeners!

This is the host site for the Into Insanity Podcast where you can follow along as we play our a custom built campaign. In this world, the players are forced to deal with monstrosities and abominations that seem to be the stuff of nightmares! Across the world towns have mysteriously gone silent, its inhabitants gone missing and replaced with a strange miasma that oozes through the streets. After a bit of exploration, the players find out that below each city, a labyrinth has appeared filled with treasures and secrets that only the toughest can find.

Will our adventurers make it through, or will they succumb to the insanity inducing miasma that threatens to rip them to shreds both physically and mentally?

As they go, the listeners will be asked to take part. During the course of the adventure, we will be asking for suggestions through polls, meeting with the listeners in the forums and more.

Each episode is released on Sunday nights.

That is not all though! During the week we may have other podcast releases where we discuss Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Tabletop games, RPGs, and other news and tidbits that we find interesting so check back with us often!